Second Terminal Query with non-linked secure zones

So I had an idea how to do a second terminal, and I wanted to know if anyone has tried this before, even though we don’t specifically have “multiple terminals” yet.

So here it is; I built a second terminal, though with nothing inside it yet. I built a baggage bay specifically for that second terminal and I plan to link the check in desks to the second terminal baggage bay, and to link the new large stands to the second terminal baggage bay as well.

Here is the major question. If I build security checkpoints which only allow access to the new stands, will people freak out and try to use those new checkpoints to access the old stands and vice-versa (which are not connected to the second terminal at all). Or is the game hardwired so far that all secure areas must be linked together?

If they must be linked, then I will wait until we have multi security zone support.

Passengers won’t freak out. They will use whichever security checkpoint leads to their stand. However you may have some problem with staff.

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Multi security zone support is definitely supported, you will however have problems with the arrival of passengers as they currently pick a transit structure at random, meaning they might arrive at the other terminal. Just make sure the terminals are connected on street-level


Would you care to elaborate on staffing problems?

Would you care to elaborate on staffing problems?

Yeah sure :slight_smile: Staff who works on secure area A can exit and re-enter to secure area B for their tasks and it can lead to delays or some tasks to be not completed before departure of flights. We hope to see a solution on Alpha 35 Terminal update.

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I’m not sure where you plan on placing your second terminal, as that could be a number of configurations, but I have attempted a remote (or airside) terminal before and, at least right now, it doesn’t work, almost exclusively due to staff issues.

Remote Airport Test

At least in my test case, staff took hours (in-game) to make it to the boarding desks which caused massive delays. I only used a single security check-point, but it shouldn’t matter whether you use one or more. The primary problem is lack of staff control, and the game isn’t quite sophisticated enough to fix it “under the hood.”

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Thank you! That’s exactly what I am experiencing now with 2 secure areas

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Yeah I noticed that. lol. I added a bunch of taxi, private, and bus stops at the new terminal before I even had the terminal opened, and the pax from the other terminal arrived there. I had to draw some long sidewalks to the first terminal.

OK Yeah, I’m noticing that myself. I added another staff room at the other terminal and it’s funny how staff from T1 go running to T2 and vice versa. Would be nice if the game chooses the “nearest free staff” for the job.

This works as you described. I’ve done that. The only problem is right now the subway, buses, taxis, cars and parking lots will drop off at any of the drop off locations. So if you put a subway or bus stop in front of each terminal, people will arrive at any for any terminal, then walk all across your map (if they can) to reach the terminal they want. I assume the next alpha will deal with this.

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