Saving templates doesnt seem to work anymore

I made a few templates, using the “template-tool-button”, holding Ctrl key and clicking right mouse (I think). Filling out name and so on and finding a fitting picture and click on save, the pop-up screen disappears and the template is saved

Since a couple of days the game does nothing when I click on the save button. The pop-up screen does not dissapear and the template does not appear in my saved templates.
The rest of the process still goes as discribed above and I see no difference until I click “save”

Forgot to say…
Did file a bug report yesterday evening: 22884

… without anything that lets you know if it was saved. Even the save dialog just remains there.
Sometimes I can not get there to this dialog, filed some bug reports some time ago but never heard what became of them.
Also I haven’t yet found a way to manage the templates (modifying, deleting etc), but haven’t searched as the whole template thing is not very usable for me

Deleting is easy, just hoover the mousepointer over it and click the little red cross.
Don’t know if modifying is possible.

I use it to create sets of check in desks and security stations, helps a lot if I don’t have to make those ques every time

Right, I found it out now.
Still don’t know how to modify, though.

And I noticed that in a bunch of check-in desks, only parts of the queues are included in the template… and the construction costs are always shown as “10$”… and the save dialogue does not appear if I just took the template but did not build it…

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