Save does not load funds correctly

I have had to roll back to a previous save
I had at least £6,000,000 of funds, so the previous save should have more than that
However it keeps coming up with £2,000,000

I checked the
file and sure enough on the previous save it should be £6,108,635

Please advise

So the save data file says £6,000,000 but when you load you end up with £2,000,000 every time?


excerpt from


When I load the latest save the funds are correct
When I use any older one the funds are ignored, default to £2000000

When I save this older save again, the funds are still showing correctly in the
It will just not load it

Is there a difference between auto saves and manual saves?

The auto saves are too new, I cannot use them
I need to go back to a save before I opened the airport and runways

2021 12 19-01 => Loads correctly
2021 12 19-02 => Loads correctly, this is a map template only
2021 12 20-01 => Does not load funds correctly
2021 12 20-02 => Does not load funds correctly
2021 12 20-03 => This is the last correct save, but does not load funds correctly either
2021 12 20-04 => Error
2021 12 20-05 => Error
2021 12 20-06 => Error
2021 12 20-07 => This was the point I noticed the error

It is the
2021 12 20-03
save I am trying to load

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