Saab 340 only appears after medium stand/runway built

Hi :grinning: ,
I’m really excited to see the Saab 340 finally being implemented in ACEO. Oddly enough, I appear to have run into a curious bug and wanted to see if anyone else encountered it yet.

Starting out with an airport with only small stands, no Saab 340s will show up in the flight schedular. Coast2Coast will also not show up in the contract sections.

However, once a medium runway and a medium stand are up and running, the coast2Coast contract becomes available and other airlines (forrest air) begin offering Saab flights.
But the flights are specifically for small stands only, and work normally after that point.

Might this only be a coincidence? I’m normally used to all small A/C contracts appearing right after the first small stand is opened up. But hear it at least appears to wait for medium stands/rwys.

At first the Saab was a medium aircraft and so you had to build everything medium-related…
then it was changed to small (what is understandable) but I think, something in the code has still his medium-thing… at least this would made sense to me :sweat_smile:

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oh that sounds logical! I think that counts enough as an explanation for a bug report as I need. Would be odd to send one if there is no underlying problem other than bad luck on my part.

Please bug report.

I just have, ACEO-35601


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