Runway/Taxiway Blocked?


I finnished the tutorials (thanks support-team) And I started my first airport. It all went fine, untill my runway was blocked. There are 3 or 5 flights in pattern and an AC on the taxiway stands still just saying “reached destination”. I operate two runways : North-South and East-West. one runway for light aviation the other for medium. Yet I think I made a mistake with that tought, since the AC’s land according to the wind (so I should improve my taxiways I presume, please confirm is so). But I still wonder why the AC’s remain standing in front of the runway, blocking all the other flights. Did I just overcrowd my airport? I mean, I had two cesna’s on the run and taxiway, a bombardier on the runway and a BAE146 took off. I still have on clue at all :slight_smile:

Is the runway functional, i.e. not broken? Did you recently update to the experimental version and, if so, have you enabled the correct settings for your runway?

Could you post some screenshots of the situation?

Somehow situation solved itselve ac was waiting because there were to many in a pattern to land. So far so good. Airport operates quite nice, but there are a few trucs whom are stuck, on the service road, I tried debugging a few times with the F10 menu ,yet two of them remain where they are. I cannot sell them and my flights are kept to groud since they cannot be handled. I have no updates at the moment, I donwloaded the game two days ago (23.2.0)

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