Runway intersection and airport placement

Sup everyone!
This game has a lot of potential and it actually looks really great . I have been following it for a while, and I am impressed.
Now , I got some ideas, and please don`t take what I say word to word( since , I am not an ATC ,Architect, etc…).If you have any way to improve or tell your opinion I would like to hear it.

  1. Runway Intersection
    Well , preety much self explanatory . Maybe it wouldnt be like in the construction panel ,but it is on the upgrade panel of the runway. An example of such an RWY is at the International Tokyo Airport. 2.Airport Placement made by Player Again , preety much self explanatory, again , it is just a small little detail. Not really important, but shouldnt take much time to make.

Hey there, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Runway intersections may come later, but at the moment you will have multiple runways, but no intersection.

I don’t really understand the 2nd point. You will be able to pick a region to put down your airport. I believe in the future the devs are planning to lets you pick a spot on a map.

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But i just wish we have intersecting runways. They are soo common.
Probably in future when Devs make the ATC strong, etc.

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I remember it has been discussed before, i’m sure the devs will include this as indeed it is so common around the world and it can help us save space.

It has been discussed, but the current code cannot handle it. I believe the devs wanted to add that after pre alpha

Well , I didn`t knew that , sorry for any confusion.

No problem, we’re all here to get the best out of this game :slight_smile:

Great Idea, hope they do implement it into the game

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