Room placement says "too small" until tool is switched off on

I am submitting this here because it can’t really be tested in a bug report. Periodically, the room placement tool will get stuck on “room too small”. See below:

When this happens, I have to switch off the tool and reselect it, and then it works fine. It’s a really frustrating glitch though.

Note: a similar thing also happens where the conveyor belt tool won’t rotate until it’s deselected and reselected.

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Thanks for sending these pictures!

We found what it was and will fix it. If you go from the template tool (copy-paste tool) and without deselecting it, chose a room type to place and then trying to place it, this will happen. Took a while to figure it out but will fix it asap :slight_smile:

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Wow! Good work. I could never pinpoint the exact sequence that was causing it, but what you describe sounds right. Thanks!

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