Restaurants problem

I have a problem with the sales of restaurants. I have just made 3 restaurants at my airport and many passengers were buying products but people stop buying products suddenly. Does anyone have this issue?
Sorry for my bad English

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Hello, are you sure restaurants are operational and staff is there? They have working hours as well.

It would be useful if you post some screenshots.

There could be multiple reasons for this. Firstly there could be an issue with the restaurants themselves, or the zoning in the restaurants. I can’t judge from your imagine fully, but this seems to be adequate. Can you check that you do not have any zoning blocking access?

Secondly, passengers will only shop if they have certain other needs fulfilled. Considering that your bathroom is closed and I don’t see that much seating (nor passengers), it might be that their other needs are too low for them to want to shop.

Thirdly, passengers might have already fulfilled this need in other shops, or this restaurant might be considered to far away for them to want to go there.

Finally, which I suspect is the problem looking at your screenshots in more detail, the restaurant appears to be situated in the arrival section of your airport? As far as I know passengers will not shop for food upon arrival, but head for the nearest security exit straight away if I recall correctly.

I can also confirm this issue, a save and reload of game fixes it. It isn’t an “airport satisfaction or organisation” issue, it appears to be a bug which can be patched by saving at reloading, but can be frustrating if you don’t notice the issue until a few game days have passed and miss your sales target.

Hopefully will be addressed in future.

I tried everything what @RubenGass said but it didn’t work so I guess I need to wait for this bug to be fixed. Thank you everyone

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