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So I was thinking it would be useful to have reserve gates. Iv looked through the forums and haven’t seen anything mentioned like this, but the idea would be that you could mark a gate as a reserve gate and if an aircraft arrives and it’s primary stand is occupied it will ask you if you want to send it to a reserve gate (if it meets the size requirements)or have it wait for it’s gate to open. im open to critic of the idea, im just suggesting this as someone who seems to have a lot of issues with occupied gates.


This might be useful for slot-based assignment system, but seeing how currently flights are assigned based on their gates …


Hey guy,

It’s great but just you have slot system implemented.

In this case you would reserve per airline or in general mode.

Other thing is good be reserved is check in desks, but in this case would reserve per airline!



This would be cool; give us an option in delay panel with the setting; “move plane stand reservation to ‘reserve’ stand”. So when you have a “GA” or “Commercial” stand, give us a “Reserve Stand” option too.


Well. I know they had talked about re-designing the system, so i figured i would throw it out there. I do feel there should be an option to deal with delayed flights so they don’t stack into a huge mess.


This would be great, now if a plane is delayed for some reason and you have a tight schedule, every single plane on that stand will be delayed all day if you dont dissmiss some planes arriving late. Its not like that happens in the real world, you get a new gate assigned or unload on parking stand with stairs :slight_smile:

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I agree this would be a really helpful addition and realistic. Airports often make gate changes at the last minute.


Would be cool if they re designed the way it works to not need set gates. If you fly from London Heathrow they don’t tell you the departure gate till 45 mins before boarding time, Would make sense later on in development when they add things like delayed inbound flights (outside the players control) and other disasters/ random events for there to be a way to change a flights gate.


100% agree with this


That a great idea. To be honest, I would love to see a slot based system for aircrafts so that they don’t have an assigned gate until they have landed, as it can get slightly annoying that they only use a gate that we can’t change when they are arriving.

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