Remote stands won't board (nor will ramp agents work)

I have 3 remote stands (4 in the screenshot but 1 is closed) but they will rarely board their passengers also the ramp agents almost never go up their to do their rounds and it gives me this error quite often (
In more detail when the plane comes in it will de-board the passengers successfully as well as refuel, but the passenger service agents never start the boarding process by standing at the desk inside the terminal and therefor the buses never come to pick the passengers up, also the ramp agents never go up to do their rounds on the aircraft but the service cars go up with no ramp agents inside them (I have no idea why it does this when the service vehicles drive up it just shows the vehicle as having no one inside and than when it parks no one comes out).
I have checked and double-checked all the zones to make sure its all marked as secure, I have checked to make sure all the stands and boarding desks are connected properly, I have an excessive amount of ramp agents & passenger service agents, there is a ramp agent staff room close to the service car stops, and I have enough airside passenger vehicles & service vehicles. Yet it still has this issue.

I saw a few posts from last summer saying that each remote stand needs 1 airside bus stop at the terminal, is this still true?

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

btw the place where the boarding desks for the remote stands are inside the terminal is located on the left bottom-ish side, where there is a short service road that comes down from the stands connected to the terminal on the left. There are 2 bus stops on the right, 2 service car stops on the left, & a secure-zoned crosswalk in the middle. And the place where the remote stands are is on the top.


Can you select one of the boarding desks and provide a screenshot to see how it is connected with the gate and the bus stop?

Regarding your service car stops: They aren’t working up there:

They need to be reachable by the ramp agents. The car stop does not need to be attached to the stand, they need to be close to the terminal itself similar to your bus stops.

Which Service Car Stops are linked to the Remote Stands? It looks that there are 3 additional Service Car Stands directly to Sec Zone 2, maybe they are linked to the Stands.

Definitely issues with remote stands. Mine work fine in terms of offloading PAX and loading PAX onto the bus but the bus won’t deliver PAX to plane so PAX never board. Raised bug report 33777. If I close stand and reconnect everything it starts working again for a little while then brakes again

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