Remote stands problem

Ok I have tried a couple of airports with remote stands and have nothing but problems. I am guessing it is how I set them up rather than a bug. So I set them up as
stand connected with service road and a car stop and bus stop placed next to the stand road. I assume the car stop link if the one next to the stand?
Terminal side boarding desk that goes to a bus stop, also have car stops here but they don’t link to anything.

So I either get ramp agents who can not get to the stand, or orphaned passengers waiting on the stand. The fuel trucks, stairs etc all get to the stand ok. Bizzarley the 3rd stand up on the picture says the staff can get there but is not linked to security! What am I doing wrong?

the bus stop and service car stops should be at the terminal, not at the stand :smiley:

Bus stop need to be at the terminal. Also service car stop must be where staff can get to them :blush:


Yeah, what @mr2chris says. You’ve placed them on the stand, not the terminal. The bus/car will take them to the stand for you.

Thank you all now working, DOH!

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Actually, I would have a question too… how can I get that mod?
I cannot find it on Steam…

Remote stands are available on the EXP branch only for now.

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