Reassigning boarding desks with comm. disabled

Hey, friends,

As the game progresses, the layout of the terminal changes and some adoptions must be made.

Probably the biggest pain point now is to change boarding desks setup. Please consider the following scenario:

  1. small stand with commercials enabled and boarding desk attached
  2. stand switched to GA
  3. Still cannot do anything with the boarding desk because we have flight in progress, even though all flights are GA now!

You need to dismiss an aircraft or enable night ban on the stand to close it and re-attach. It’s literally impossible to change anything during normal operations, because GA flights come and go.

Please note that it is also pretty problematic to switch the service car stop etc.

Could you make it more polished? For example the change could be possible with effect from the next (future) flight etc. That would make the re-arranging nicer!




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