Real life based expansion of airports

I wonder if Airport CEO will have some real life based ways of expanding an airport.

I mean by that, you need to fullfil some real life based requirements to expand your airport. All services should be available by the beginning, you can build them as long as you can affort their monthly costs (else you’ll go bankrupty). But you must have some services to get better contracts, and therefore to earn more money.

For example you can build a small airport without customs, air traffic control or without fire brigade and so on. But then you are limited to low profit contracts or even only casual light aircrafts. Only with these services, maybe even them fullfilling additional requirements (e.g. the emergency vehicles must reach any place of the airfield in some time / have a maximum distance from the farthest runway), you’ll get better, international contracts by big companies.

Is there something like this planned to get different objectives for the game?

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If I am not completely mistaken the current plan is that you get requests by Airline A to give it a daily/weekly slot in your airport including certain demands you have to meet like having free gate space, refueling, customes etc. Airline B will ask you for something different and so on it goes until you have a wide variation of airlines bombarding your prosperous airport. :heart:

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