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I am finally getting around to playing with some airport designs with international zones and customs after several months where I’ve been unable to play.

In my first design, I apparently severely overestimated the number of international flights I would get. I had my airport divided 50:50 with domestic/international, and my international zone ended up being a ghost town.

So my simple question is: what ratio of international flights to domestic flights should I try to plan for? My airport location is near Los Angeles, so international routes should be plentiful. I think the only route I got was a Maple flight to Paris.

Thanks for any input or advice.

Well, the number is based off of how many airports the country has, so in the USA you will get little, even though in real life there are a lot. @Olof maybe make there be at least a few

I find the whatever calculations the game uses for flight destinations very frustrating, not only do large aircraft seem to favour domestic flights over international ones. The locations are mind boggling, my airport has just fielded an A380 to Stornaway, while Heathrow has seen one flight in the existence of my airport, and Gatwick none, while Landsend has had a fair few. I understand that it must be hard to make a one size fits all random route generator given that people could be setting up next to JFK or putting themselves on a tiny rock in the middle of the ocean (I’ve manged to perch an airport on Rockall). There must be a way to account for the size and passenger throughput of airports the data is there in the json.

Interesting point.
In the Airport database of the game, pax and cargo size is actually registered. It would be interesting to know if this has any impact on the generation of routes to prefer the big main airports of a country instead a unknown local airport.

As you wrote, small airfields which you never heard off get a lot of flights offered.

A few days ago it ended up that I have removed “Hassi Messaoud” from the database because since I play this game, 25% of all flights in any West-European airport I have built where heading there.

Interesting - I would not have expected it to behave like this.

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Same - I get A380s from LA to NYC. Doesn’t impact the gameplay of course but is kinda odd.

I think it’s partly down to the fact that the game was developed so that only large stands were international.

The “realistic international” toggle was only added to appease us lot, so there have been a few anomalies with it (there was a related issue with medium international flights all doing 5+ hour flights at one point)

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