Ramp Agents working REALLY slowly, causing delays


I’m having problems with Ramp Agents. They’re standing at their post but they stand still for AGES before doing anything.

For example, they will be doing a service round and it will stop at 60% and then they will just stand there on the stand. Some service rounds are stuck at 0% and the ramp agents are standing by the stand looking at the plane. They will also stand by the baggage bays and not collect or load bags onto the service trucks. It’s making all my flights and baggage delayed.

I’ve made sure there’s plenty of them to cover all the work needed, and have given them all a raise. I’ve also tried firing some of them and only employing those with the highest skills. Also tried loading and reloading the game. Not sure what to do next.

I’m using latest version 22.2 and I’m in Day 7 Year 1. They were all working fine up to Day 6.

Any help much appreciated.

The latest is 22.3, but yes, I’m getting this too. They go to the aircraft, grab 3 bags each, and stand there for 10-15 seconds before moving to the baggage car to place the bags, then they go back to the aircraft, grab bags and stand there again for 10-15 seconds or so, rinse, repeat. This wasn’t an issue with experimental 22.2 for me, but it is with 22.3.

Got the same issue as written above.

it could be due to the pathfinding bottleneck stated in another post. How many aircraft are on the ground and what are the PAX numbers. I know this happens for me with about 5 or 6 medium planes on the ground.

We have implemented a fix for this since a lot of users are experiencing issues with it, ramp agents will no longer use path finding for doing their tasks but direct paths. Should remove this issue and will be available in next experimental push.


I think it’s related to this issue as well:

I think once I hit around 7 medium gates, I started having pathfinding issues, in that directives for passengers and ramp agents alike took a while to calculate etc. As such flights would be delayed cos passengers would be late for boarding, ramp agents wouldn’t do their job properly etc.

Thanks for your help everyone. At the moment I only have 6 small stands and 1 medium. Yes I have also noticed that some passengers stand by the gate and not board on time, and some will loiter at certain points, notably after they pass security. Something else I’ve noticed is that some passengers are leaving the secure area and standing by the secure exit, even though they have a ticket to board a plane. Then I get an error saying ‘a passenger can’t board’

I wonder if these issues are all related.

Thanks Olof for the fix!

yeah i have the same problem.i have 6 medium stand and its running smooth and staff work fast, no flight delay. but when i build more new runway and for new terminal after that ramp agent,checkin desk, boarding desk really slowly and causing delays over 3 hours on unloading baggage…
then i closed airport until all passengers leave airport and open again before 4 am then its running normal again no delay

i dont know whats wrong