Ramp Agents not doing Service Rounds and Baggage Bays

I’ve recently run into a problem where my ramp agents flood the stands that are attached to the terminal to do a service round (seen as many as 9 on 1 stand).

However because they’ve all gone to those stands there aren’t any ramp agents available to do the service rounds on remote stands or work at the baggage bays.

I’ve had to close down my baggage service and stop doing service rounds because planes were simply getting stuck waiting for service rounds that never came (at least on remote stands) or a baggage service that wasn’t staffed.

Earlier on during the game (on this airport) I had no issues what so ever with service rounds for remote stands (so it is set up correctly)

This may sound unhelpful, but have you tried reloading the save? I think I had a similar problem with all of my security occupying one checkpoint, but when I loaded the save again, they started working again.

Make sure that your ramp agents now have access via a secure zone path (I had to make an underground tunnel path that was zoned as secure to allow them to get to the baggage systems).

Dont forget to bug-report first, then reload.

yes…but… if a reload solves the problem, how can they debug? First thing they have to do is load the save…

yeah, but the have cleaner logs.

btw; maybe DEV’s have a tool to load an airport in some kind of safe-mode, that does not a full load sequence.

Didn’t think about logs, I’ll keep that in mind next time.

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