Ramp agents cannot get to the aircraft

As soon as I enable ramp service rounds, all the ramp agent goes to one medium stand and gets struck there while other stands can’t get any ramp agents to service the aircraft. The system also gives alert: an employee cannot get to a work position.

The same appears to happen to the baggage bay. Any solutions?

Can you send a few screens of your airport with zones enabled? It’s most likely caused by a design flaw in your airport, hindering certain employees to reach certain areas.

I didn’t save the game since I tried a couple of times and the same thing happens everytime even with a super basic airport set up. I will try again and take some screenshots. Thanks for the response.

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The same thing happened. I attached the screen shots


The ramp agents seems to be able to get to the stand and then get stuck there.

Do you have any other staff at your airport? For example located in a different staff room area somewhere else?

I do have other staff, security, janitor, airport staff etc. I am yet to build a staff room. I am just testing if they can get to the working position for now. Do you think that build a staff room will make a difference? As you can see, there is only one stand that has the question mark on it.

Do you have enough ramp agents?

Yeah, and that bugs me (literally). Can you send it in with a bug report? I think its easier if I just have a quick look at it instead.

I find this a lot and I find for some reason on re-loading a game it clears up. May suggest putting in a crossing and a door to exit your secure area and zoning it as secure also helps give the agents a way out.

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