Ramp Agents Bug

Hello! Recently, I have encountered a issue where the ramp agents are unable to cross a taxiway to go to work at the baggage bay. The workers are unable to cross the active taxiway, and I believe the issue is not the service roads, but the taxiway that must be crossed. The only fix as of right now is to spawn extra workers using the debug menu, but do not behave like normal workers. I would appreciate a fix for the pathfinding of ramp agents. Thanks, Drew.

put a crosswalk!!

You cannot place a crosswalk across an active taxiway. :frowning: If you had that in real life you would have a disaster!

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oh right… taxiway… why would they have to cross a taxiway? The only ones that can cross that is contractors. You might have to redesign

At MRA (Massachusetts Regional Airport), we designed our infrastructure with efficiency in mind. The Vehicles and workers must cross a taxiway to get to the baggage bay. The baggage bay is on the other side of the taxiway because there was not sufficient room on the correct side.

Such efficiency can kill your airport. The optimal is enemy of the practical

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You can make a service road across a taxiway and then make sure the zoning is good, that may work.

Destroy the wall between the stand and terminal and zone it secure. The devs gave this advice on twitter a few days ago. You only have to destroy one wall section.

What version are you on? This should be fixed by now. Can we get a few screens of what it looks like?

That was a while back, and I am happy to announce that it has been indeed fixed. :smiley:

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