R&D Restaurant

Why not divide the research for restaurants first into bars / fast food restaurants, and then haute cuisine restaurants / gourmet restaurants? (Same for Shops)

I find the R&D system really sparse as options … I don’t know if it will be further implemented, but currently it seems to be put there only to have an R&D section

The idea behind the R&D system is to create a way to progress the game and to slowly introduce new game mechanics as you play. This way new players aren’t bombarded with all of the features all at once. It also allows current players to progress in different ways as they expand their airport.

I’m all in favor of the current system. But! If you have any ideas to improve it, by all means share them!

Looks like this is coming in Alpha 35.

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Hmmm… Quality Kitchen restaurants, and Gourmet Restaurants are classified as a shop?

Probably just placeholder icons.

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