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Hey Folks,
I traveled a lot the Last days and the Gates for Arrivals oder Departures Changed Very spontaneous. Is this possible in the Game? Can we change quickly the Gate in the schedule Plan?


At the moment, you do not assign the gate for a plane. The path finding program finds a free gate for each plane as it lands. If there is no free gate, it would wait on the apron for a gate (blocking the traffic).

In the future, when gate assignment comes into the players hands, we will have to explore this


Ah Ok, thank you.

So if that is the case how would departing passengers know at what gate to wait?

Do they wait at a gate? They go through security and sit down in chairs. I’m not sure they know their gate at that time. When it’s time to depart they get up and queue. For large airprots that could become a problem of course. But for initial release that would do, wouldn’t it?

Yeah, that’s what I’ve understood so far. My hope is that the rows in the schedule planner will eventually correspond to gates, allowing us to assign the gates manually for maximum efficiency, but without being complicated

They wait at the gate. As soon as a gate is assigned to their flight, they go over there to wait (unless they are doing something else like shopping or eating).


Great! was about to tag you for an answer :slight_smile: I couldn’t imagine that they would go sit anywhere instead of near their gate.
So when are gates assigned for a flight?

So they might wait at the wrong location at first?

Gates are assigned automatically when an aircraft arrives at the airport. We had a long discussion on this in a different thread but I can’t remember it’s name right now… someone else who cans?

Well, if there’s no gate assigned then what’s the wrong location? They wait randomly across the terminal but usually grab a seat close by, if they have nothing else to do and then they switch seats when a gate is assigned.

Would love to read that thread for some more background on this. Anyone?

Setting Gate priorities This one?

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Yes, exactly! :slight_smile:

I can see a problem with larger airports, where gates are far apart :slight_smile:

Then again, we’re not there yet :smile:

To be fair, requiring passengers to break human speed records to get to a changed gate doesn’t usually deter airlines from trying. So it’s a nice realism aspect.

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