Question about public transport

So i’ve been observing my many taxi and car drop-off points. And i have about 10 of each.
And the first thing i notice is that people are bad at even it out. i have about half of them that are full of people waiting and the others is like one or they are empty.

My question is how the cars are programmed? Because many taxis and buses for that matter go to stops that are empty, when the next one is full of people waiting.

What are the exact numbers of each built person transit structure? How many car drops etc?

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Six of each, 6 bus stops, 6 car drops-off, 6 taxi. and 3 subways. But my goal is to not use the Subway since this airport does not have that connection in IRL. It’s Ängelholm btw :slight_smile: In the night it manage to pick everyone up just as the the morning passengers start to arrive.

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