Quality of Life improvement: Stands start 'closed' by default

Just some minor thing I would like to have to avoid annoying moments. When I build a small stand, it is already open and starts as GA stand. Then I will change something and the game immediately pops up a message that it cannot do what I want since an assigned plane is on the map. This means, yes, at once there is a GA plane incoming blocking the switches so I must keep track on when it leaves and only in the small time window between plane leaving stand an new one assigned can close the stand.

My suggestion: let the stands all start closed so we have enough time to switch stand options to our wishes. Better yet: let the game acknowledge a close/switch order and do it automatically after current plane blocking the stand leaves like ‘The stand will be closed after the occupying plane leaves. Following flights are cancelled. Proceed? Y/N’. Same for other infra like desks doing the same stuff.


P.S.: This is especially annoying with check-in desks. You do not get them closed once the flights are rolling in. Even before the current flight is finished, it is spammed with two more flights again. I cannot demolish, move or close - only by cancelling the flights and taking a reputation hit. This must end, seriously. Accept a stop order, then do not queue more entities then shut down.

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The fact that they are enabled by default is a decision following a really large amount of bug reports where people often forgot to enable the stands. If you don’t want them to automatically become operated however, you can disable the automatic boarding desk assigning as that you render them definitely inoperable at build, i.e. from an ATC perspective disabled.


O.k. - problem solved…for me at least. I deem it rather unintuitive, however, and could think that new players could have a problem with that like knowing which checkbox to disable in the gameplay settings menu.
I haven’t found it while having the problem and only by you telling me what to uncheck the problem was solved. Just saying. Thanks regardless :slight_smile:

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I forgot totally about this: doesn’t a big red sign flash on a disabled stand nowadays?! I mean, this could be a hint, why things do not work :wink:
With the current UI setup, it should be better to have them start closed as the program automatically clogs them up with flights, when autoplanner is enabled so almost everytime. I can understand, why it was done but I think it does not fit the current status of the game or is at least no problem any more. I mean, if you click on a closed stand it tells you that it is closed and cannot accept planes.
You know what happens to me most of the times? Since GA is automatically enabled as well I sometimes place stands near my terminal and wonder, why GA lands there - and try to change stuff while the stand has an active flight…just because I forgot to switch to CA and disable GA.

Stand closed with both GA and CA disabled by default would be optimal.

Maybe an option in the gameplay menu?

@humoresque: It would help a lot, i guess. Even more so as once I connect things to the stands like desks, baggage bays and whatnot these are tied as well and hard to change. I mean, how often did you have the message ‘cannot close because flight active’? So everything preventing us from having unwanted flights that block the whole thing all the time but in a small time window between flight moving and leaving the stand helps.

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You would think that but we had that even back in the days… still did not make a difference, the only thing that really worked was having them enabled by default.

Technically we could add a toggle for this but it kind of opens up an issue with toggles in general, what wouldn’t you add a toggle for then? We did add one for the automatic boarding desk connection but that was mainly because we saw a lot more complaint about that, not only here but on other platforms as well. As for this issue I’ve really only seen that discussion here.

Well a general off-toggle for the stands would really be helpful. I described the situation already and you know too well how hard it is to change things once the flights are rolling in and occupying the according instances. It would be a safeguard against the program doing stuff before the player is ready with planning/building or having a plan for the things built.

You could short-circuit the incoming flights by cutting the taxi path. A bit brutal, but it should force the flights off the stand. Doesn’t help the check in desks, though.

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