Problem with Check In / Boarding

So there is something i can’t wrap my head around and it might be me who makes a mistake.

I have two medium stands, and 2 check in desks.
When i sign a medium contract it tells me i need 1 medium stand and 2 check ins.

I didn’t really pay attention to that so the contract is split between two stands (And i only have 2 check ins!)

And now the problem… Only half the plane passengers get checked in and boarded! (The one on the same stand)

Is this a bug or is it simply because i need 4 check ins if i want 1 medium contract split on two stands?

It uses 2 check in desk per flight, so 4 for 2 medium stands.

Probably when the other flight is ready to be checked in your 2 check in desks are checking in the other flight. You will need at least 1 more desk so the other flight can be checked in. The other option is to not have the 2nd flight arrive until check in for the other is done.

Got ya!

I thought that was the problem. But that means if you build a big airport you will need a ton of check in desks. Maybe that’s normal in airports i don’t travel much with plane in real life. Only 1 time actually and i didn’t really paid attention to the number of check in desks.

But thanks for clearing it up to me!

If you plan them like half on half you might be able to use less desks. I have 3 medium stands and 6 small and only 9 desks. All planes landing at almost the same time.

All contracts for medium planes have text in them that they demand 2 check ins each.

True,but check in from different stands can be done at the same desk, just after each other if I’m not mistaken. Didn’t really check it,but seen three flights being scheduled at the same desk some times. I will check tomorrow if I have some time to play… :roll_eyes:

Checkin desks will become available again for other flights after a while, meaning you can use them for multiple stands sequentially