Problem with assigning baggage trucks

Hello, i don’t know if this is a problem. I have sent in a bug report.
But i wanted to see if anyone else experience this.

So for me this is specifically for baggage trucks. When i assign them to a parking lot, they go there.
And when i was done assigning all my baggage trucks to different P-lots. The list looked correct. but when i closed the list and then later opened it again, the list was wrong, some trucks where parked, but in the list it said they wasn’t assigned any parking, But the tag on the baggage truck it self, said it was assigned a parking… And it also orders the tucks in a weird way depending what parking assignment it has? I know this have been discussed before. the order or how it should display the baggage trucks in the list.

Are the assigned parking lots occupied by other vehicles perhaps?

No to a big extent. I checked first if was occupied so i knew how many trucks i could move there. But let’s say i have 2 pages of baggage trucks. The first 7, i assing to parking lot 1. (7/7 parkings is then used)
Then i close the list, but when i open the list again those first seven trucks, that should say assinged to parking 1, has been ordered in some other way so some of them are on page one and some on page 2. I’m not exactly sure this is what i’m experiencing. I will start the game and troubleshoot more soon.

Yes, the vehicles view is ordered completely random. That’s very annoying.
However, I didn’t experience lost assignments yet except for cleaning and catering trucks assigned to stands (which shouldn’t have been possible anyways, so that’s okay).

Okey, then that’s what i’m experiencing as well, that they just get randomly displayed in the list. Thanks.

Last time i checked they’r listed in the order of their license plates. That’s why new vehicles don’t go to the back of the list.

Yep, you’re right, just checked again in my game and it’s ordered by license plate (which isn’t useful at all actually).
But besides that, there’s also a bug which I still try to validate in a reproducable way. When I assign a few vehicles to a parking lot, suddenly others will show as unassigned (once I close and reopen the view, they’re shown assigned again). That has caused me lots of trouble because I did wrong assignments.
This makes it look even more as if the list changes order all the time.
I’ll report a bug once I got it possible to reproduce as “just happens sometimes” wouldn’t help the devs very much.

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Created bug ACEO-16731. In a new game it was even worse, no assignment is shown in vehicles view although several are assigned. It seems once a non assigned vehicle is taking the parking space of an assigned vehicle, everything gets messed up.
Let’s see what the devs will say.


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