Prices for large planes

I noticed that the flights with larger planes are often significantly lower than prices for medium planes.

Is that a bug or is there any good explanation? (Not sure if OK AIR is a mod or vanilla carrier)

OK Air vanilla airline

OKair is vanilla airline. And I think it is normal because in real life too, some flights are more profitable even though the aircraft is a smaller version. Maybe it is an important route but due to some requirements; airplane has to be narrow body. Imagine flights from London City Airport.

They still probably pay much more thanks to passenger handling fee among other things so the airline is probably trying to cut costs a little.

I wish I had some management tools in ACEO to find out how much revenue and profit I have from an airline and even from a single flight. ATM AFAIK there is nothing.

Well, you can see how much passengers there will be on the plans, so you can calculate yourself how much profit that will bring.

How much profit I will get with 100 passengers?

That’ll be just a rough estimation: no info on bags, fuel, other services… that’s nothing.

Ever tried going Fermi on the problem? You might not get an exact solution but something close to it.
From your 100 passengers you will get:

the passenger handling fee. Let this be arbitrary 15$ per PAX so you get +1,500$
charging toilets? Expect every 3rd passenger to go to the loo so another 33$ if you charge 1$
Baggage handling active? Expect every passenger to have 1,5 bags in average. What do you get for it? 8$ per piece? That is another 1,200$.
Fuel for the plane? Jet A1 charges for about 0.4 to 0.5$ per liter. Usually buying it for around 0.2$ you might make 0.25$ per liter in average. Honestly, I do not know, how much fuel a large plane requests. Might depend on several reasons, but you can calculate, that filling up your tank will get you double of what you invested so you might see this as a continuous revenue not really tied to a single flight but to overall airport operations. Just observe, how often you need to re-order fuel and then you have your numbers in average $ per day.
For shops and restaurants you might try to think that every 4th PAX will visit a restaurant and every 5th will visit a store - and mostly you get 1-2$ per visit out of it. This means +25-50$ on top for restaurants and +20-40$ for shops. Keep in mind, however, that in case of those you primarily go for the hourly rent and bonus. The passenger impact is just a bonus on top and depends on PAX overall visiting your airport and not again from a single flight. Then take into account parking. How many PAX use parking? Also, only fathomable from overall PAX at airport and not single flight. BUT:
I would guess, you might get - per 100 PAX the following:

  • 1,200$ handling fees
  • 800$ baggage fees
  • 50$ toilet fees
  • approx. another 50-100$ from shop/restaurant sales → total of 2,150$ per 100 PAX.

Now compare a medium flight with a large one: compare 100 PAX versus about 400 PAX.
The flat parking fees are similar, but as the medium is worth an additional 2k the large flight adds additional 8k directly into your coffers not speaking about raising revenues for fuel, de-icing and so on as they might consume different numbers of stock item per flight. Also, parking lots will become more profitable as well as you might have bigger shops and restaurants resulting in greater rent.

So conclusion: handling a large plane is worth about 12k directly while handling a medium one is worth about 6k to 7k directly. Both have an indirect impact of airport service revenues and rents which I only can guess - but the more the better, huh?

Hope that helps. Just adjust your numbers with those in your financial reports tab.

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