Premium Fly

Airline Name: Premium Fly

Airline Description: Premium Fly is a large international airline based in Dubai. Premium Fly has been founded in the 90s by an oil sheik in Dubai and the airline got bigger by investments and profit of the airline. Premium Fly mainly flies with aircrafts like B737,B747,B777 and some A380s. The airline started of by some national flights and growth to worldwide internation flights. By providing people with different classes with good service,entertainment and luxury. Premium Fly is looking to a great future with orders of more aircrafts and more flights.
Airline CEO Name: Brandon van Ommen

Airline Design Image:

I saw some great airlines coming up on the forums. I am not that good with photoshop and gave this airline a simple design. Hopefully i can be more creative in the future with photoshop. If you have any tips for me let me know.



Nice color selection :wink:

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