Practical (but unrealistic a little bit) solution to lack of levels. (CVM)

Continuing the last airport i’ve started (CVM), noticed that the service vehicles wasted a lot of time circling the fingers. This won’t be neccesary in real airports because service vehicles go in the ground level. What i did to solve this is to demolish the first 2 squares of terminal and build a service road in there, and then fill it with crosswalks and set it up to secure zone. This “fakes” vehicles passing under the terminal and helps with the time they use to get to their services.
Will keep posting about this as my very second airport in the game.

Yes, I have been using this method since March and it definitely works. Just very very unrealistic.

You can also just remove the walls on the side and have a service road run through the terminal :smiley:

I personally use your method too at the moment, but instead of keeping it open, i added doors on opposite sides, felt better :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been using this too. Used to think I was the only one… seems everyone has a similar idea