Please add back cities to the map

I am watching a live stream and he chose Kathmandu, Nepal which it put him in India. In my own game i can’t select my state’s capital city or the largest city. At least every country should have their capital city and the largest city if not the same, and the same for provinces in places like Canada and Australia and US states.

We have not made the map. :frowning: It is a third party plugin but will see what options we have.

Didnt you or Olof say you removed several of the cities from the map though? It was brought up in an earlier post.

Found the quote in that thread.

We mean two different things. The map is just a static image with latitude and longitude variables, which we store once you select your airport location. Then we use the coordinates and go into a huge file, which contains most cities in the world, and find the nearest city from those coordinates. This is where we did some sorting to reduce the size of this list.

Ah, just seems strange, Omaha is nearly 500k, Sioux city is 80k. Wasn’t sure what your cutoff criteria is, or if its geographic points being used.