Planned airport closing

i would be a nice quality of life improvement if you could plan an airport closing a couple days in advance like 2 or 3 and it would make easier to do fix problems like in bages claim or move taxes ways and you can set it for days weeks or hours


A planned shutdown would be awesome.


I would love this feature! Currently if I want to fully shutdown my airport for any major renovations I have to turn of “Flight Autoplanner” and wait about 7 days for all remaining flights to finish, which can be a bother to wait that long. Would be nice if there was a feature that can make it happen quicker and even cancel flights for you if need be!

i agree with it - its needed feature

I think it might be better to have planned stand closings rather than the entire airport. I’m talking about a button per stand to make them close and stop accepting flights without cancelling every already planned flight.
A bit comparable with how currently a closed fuel depot still allows fuel trucks to collect fuel, but not accepts deliveries.

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But what makes this different from just not planning flights for a few days?

Forget the fact that it can be a bother waiting that long, it can drive me so far into the red I can’t even do the major renovations…

Yes. This.

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