Planing tool

can we please have a planing tool, its difficult to judge what you are building and i think having this tool will help.


What you could do is just put the game on pause and just plan out what you are building like that.

No, a planning tool is needed.


Within the UI suggestion thread for testers I proposed the following;

Add a “wire frame” block object, that has a drag/drop size adjustment like apron or footpath, to map out your airport in blocks before committing resources.

There has been no specific response to it yet.

Some ‘other’ game has this built in, and its honestly a Godsend, can’t see myself doing without it :wink: The ability to map out what you want, regardless of what you will get, is just a great thing. One can have a ‘vision’, map it out, not necessarily meeting those goals, but it’s still nice to plan :slight_smile:

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In prison architect this feature was many alpha in. This game is still early in development so should be a stretch goal

I like to see a planning option in game.

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Right now I’m using a semi-planning. deciding where I want to build something, place is, continue on and maybe go back on previously placed objects to re-arrange things. As long as the constructors aren’t on the airport, nothing get build. :slight_smile:

I do all my planning in Adobe XD now until there is a possible planning tool. great thing about that is you you can save plans and edit them later etc. Then if a build goes obsolete due to new releases, I still have the plan for the airport saved!

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planning tool would be good

With all the new features implemented, I think a planning tool (like in prison architect or simairport) should be (re)considered in the near future. I think this is not a big feature, and i am dying for this being implemented!


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