Planes, Red Exlamation when leaving Bay and Before Take off

So im getting multiple Red Marks for “XXXXX cant depart due to”

There is nothing after the “due to” its just blank.

This happens when trying to push back.
This also happens when the plan is trying to take off at runway entrance. At entrance, it flashes twice. Some times it takes off, other times it turns around and goes to a my second take off runway.

As background i have 2 runways for departure [common takeoff position] and one for arrival [common]. [i have also modified map to a be a little wider/taller 1000x1000, hopefully thats not the problem.

Some things to keep in mind with these issues - as I have experienced them:

  1. If you have a multiple runway setup, either separate those taxi systems (if you intend on certain stands to use certain runways).
    a. You cannot have more than one runway, with one connected taxiway system, and then try to force which stands use which runways based on taxi limitations. If there is a taxi node path from a stand to a runway, the game will process that runway as a viable option (if set on take-off).
    b. If you want, say a dual, parallel runway, and then you want half of the stands to use one and vice versa, then you need to make sure those taxi systems are completely separate from each other.
  2. Make sure, if you have one-way, arrival/departure-only, or size limits on taxiways, that there is at least one viable route to the runway(s) for the aircraft type.

So I cant have the 2 departure and one arrival for all stands? Right now I just have medium but was planning for large as well in future.

I not trying to force stand to use one or other, just want both in operation to handle more flights, since one arrival seem to handle a lot more than the amount of planes departing, from what ive seen at least

Its weird since they get all the way to the run way, the poof, double reds, then the have a 50/50 chance to just take off or they will magically float to other runway

Sounds like a pretty broken save, can you bug report it and drop the number here?

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