Planes not left for several game days

My fuel reserves didn’t get automatic refilled, i clicked the 1k button so a fuel truck came and filled, then my fueltrucks got fuel again. In the mean time no planes left the whole day since they didn’t get fuel. After fuel trucks got fuel again some planes got fuel and left, i still have 6 planes that has stayed for days since fuel trucks are not filling them up. This is default branch

you should be able to click on the stand and scroll down to click “dismiss airplane”
Also, do you have a pushback truck?

Is your runway not under 10% maintenance?

pushback truck are in front of the plane ready to go but nothing happens since planes haven’t gotten the fuel

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Coo maintain the runway, other planes arrives and take off

If you click on the plane, what is its status? Also do the runway allow the planes size?

Everything except refuelling is done and pushback truck has arrived, i have only medium stands and the other planes arrive and leave so runway is working

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Loaded the game now to take a screenshot, the planes got their fuel and are leaving the airport now, so everything seems to be working again

Is there fuel in your depot, so can the truck that has to fuel the plane, have fuel on the depot? atm the game has a bug that the autorefill-order breaks now and then. So, when your planefuel truck can not pick up fuel in the fuel depot, it cannot fuel itself and cannot fuel the plane with the empty truck.

When I discovered my empty fuel depot it took 7 days for my airport to catch up with the flight scheduler. (the multi-day contract then where done).

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