Planes not leaving the stand


i have tried to report this issue from the report bug section in the game and have received no response.

I am having problems with my planes not leaving the stand and look like they are stuck. Before they had been moving smoothly. I have also noticed that the baggage trucks are not collecting to and from the planes and some planes leave without the service agents attending to them.

How’s the Flight Proces Monitor looking? That looks like a build wich requires some very precise management.

Edit: are your ramp agents even making it to the stands? Your service car stops are placed wrongfully. They should be attached to the terminal, there thz ramp agents get in the service car wich then stops on the stand to drop them off

I’m suffering through this too for the first time. I built a second runway for departures. Things were working fine. Then all of a sudden the departures started taking off the wrong way… They’d go east off of a west-bound runway. Then, nothing wants to leave the gates.

Your wind direction probably changed around

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