Plane utterly delayed

Hi Guys,

this is my first post here and I hope I am not gonna make any mess! lol
I have been enjoying the game and its improvement so far but I struggle with having airplanes departing on time. they even get delayed by several days now!

there must be something I did wrong or that I am not considering, maybe in the set up of my airport (which has expanded very recently). i am attaching a picture of it (there are 2 more mid runaways up north). Can anyone help me? I have also checked the job task and there is no shortage at all of any members.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi and welcome to the forums…

On initial looks I’d say your vehicles are too far away from the majority of your stands. Is it any particular stands or just everyone in general? I’d try putting in a vehicle stand or depot just where that empty tree filled space is just below the left hand cargo bay and see how that goes.

Welcome! Would you be able to provide a screenshot including your flight progress monitor? Would be helpful to know which process(es) are delaying your flights (i.e. waiting for passengers, waiting for baggage, waiting for airport staff to board the plane, etc)

Hi All and thanks a lot for your help.

I can try to put a depo closer however I am finding that the biggest issue is related to some of the passengers checking in or trying to pass the security controls from the farthest spots in my airport. How am I able to control/prevent this?

btw, here is the screenshot you asked for


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I’d try adding a few more subways stops into the transportation system, though that seems to be coping as it’s all in green. As a general rule each medium stand requires two check-in desks for the flight and one for a small stand.

I might try it then, although meanwhile I am moving the deposits in the middle of the map. However I really think it is a matter of passengers: I didn’t know about this ratio and I am actually having a 1:1 with the mid stands. I will make space and build more.
However I am a lot slowed down because even if I select the opt “sends away” my planes remains at the stands and I have to manually go there and dismiss them one by one :triumph:

@jasperwillem is good to ask about planes and sending away.

@Alexander was this covered in the new tutorial?

The thing I am wondering about is; when a plane is “auto-dismissed”, does it already have a push-back truck near? When “hard” dismissing, its not called, when the auto-dismiss does, it is called.

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That’s an interesting point. I will try it. I will hard-dismiss one and let another one to auto-dismiss to double check if the pushback track is involved in both of them. will keep you posted probably already later today XD


Maybe assign push-back trucks to all your stands.

The number of people not checked in suggests to me that, despite having plenty of staff (though I think that can be a bit misleading as it doesn’t tell you that you weren’t understaffed an hour ago when all of your flights opened check-in), maybe your staff are taking a long time to get to the check-in desk. I can’t quite tell where your staff rooms are, but you might try putting in a small staff room near each group of check-in desks so that they are hanging out near where they will be needed.


I’ve had this issue before when I’ve been making changes or there have been delays. I usually find it helpful to give each stand a name eg: A1, A2, B1, B2 etc… Then on the flights process monitor I know which stand has the delay. The easiest way of sorting it is to keep munually dismissing the aircraft from the problem stand until you are up-to-date. Same as @shpalmen has suggested.

From there you then need to work out what is causing the delay. In this case it looks like passengers are not being checked in and that planes are also landing late - suggesting your previous planes have not got away on time. Do you have enough check in desks? Do you have enough security to get people through? Enough bus stops and metro stops to get people to the airport?

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