Plane crashes the whole Airport

Hey there,

I have a problem. An airplane brought my entire airport to a standstill for days. The aircraft simply does not want to move away from the stop position after landing and therefore no more aircraft lands. I built the runway to the left of the plane and the one-lane runway further down to see if more planes could land, but that didn’t help either. Do you have any idea what’s wrong?


Did you try to reload save?

And if that does not work;

  • make a runway LEAVE only
  • close all secondary runways or make them leave too,
  • hit the RESET plane nodes a lot of times (with both options enabled), for 10 minutes if need be
  • maybe throw in a reload in between.
  • over time they will all depart and you will not have “reset” incoming planes that have requested a path from the engine.
  • save the game without any aircraft on the ground.
  • reload a last time to make sure all path requests of the engine are reset to zero request
  • open up your runways again.
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I’d suggest having individual hold points for each runway.


I’d suggest having individual hold points for each runway.

Current layout is functional so I don’t think that is the cause of problem. I think he did some reconstruction after first airplane arrived and it caused issue.


What @jasperwillem says, small addition: the ‘reset plane nodes’ option is in a menu when you hit F10

I had a similar problem the other day when I added a new runway and tried to change the land and take off restriction, all planes that were already assigned to a runway will try to full fill that assignment. So maybe also good to try the land/take off option as well.

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