Plane boarding speed

Is one desk manned by two staff enough to board a B737-800???

I’ve now several times had plane depart without its full compliment of passengers even though they are in close proximity to the boarding desk. Do I need more than one boarding desk?

I have noticed this too… It could to some extent be intentional. people do tend to miss flights some of the time after all.

Another issue I have noticed is that boarding now opens at the same time as the planes planned departure. It basically guarantees every flight is going to be delayed. At least the staff actually get there when boarding opens now though.

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I have found that this is caused by queues in shops and eateries. When a passenger is queuing up for a burger and time is running up and the passenger has to decide between the burger and the flight, he chooses the burger.

Resolution was to build more checkouts and counters (usually 4 to 6 for a 3-star eatery, for a total of 8 to 12 staff).


Really? I have 2 counters is each store, lets check up on this.

It would have to be running super late before the game departs the plane without all its passengers?

One issue I am having however is that some of my passengers go and sit ages away from the boarding gates and then take a very long time to get back to the gate, delaying the flight.

Lol! Probably true, gotta get that burger.

This issue is pretty strange though, they are lining up for boarding but not making it on? Or are they not attempting to board at all? Are you sure they actually belong to the flight?

That should be fixed, will have to check it again.

Well, when I click the check-in desk they have the circle underneath them so I assume they are for that flight. They are literally sat right next to the boarding desk.

I will try and grab some screen shots for you.

In my case, when I select the boarding gate, I see dozens of the green dots lighting up at a notoriously crowded shop. All passengers that do not queue for that shop’s checkout make it onto the flight.

My best eatery location has five counters and hands out 4000 dishes in about 3 days (at 50% pax ratio).

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Yes, I’ve also noticed the boarding times very close to the departure time too.

We should have the option to choose how long a flight waits for passengers and also long before take off boarding commences


Okay, so I’m going to send this build through as a bug report. PAX arrived at airport, used the facilities, waited around for a little while, then left.


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