Pics of the devs?

Are there any pics of the devs?
It would be nice to put faces to names.’…

Or it would just to be nice to recognize them whenever you happen to be walking around where they live in Sweden :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do actually live quite near them, so it would be nice with some cringe if we bumped in to each other…


I’m imagining the most awkward one sided meet one can possibly imagine at the checkout of a supermarket :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet they are sneaky bastards and are getting “matkassar” delivered, so that they won’t have to take a break from coding to get groceries.

  • For the none swedes
    “Matkasse” is pretty much just getting all the stuff you need to cook meals with recipes so you won’t have to waste an awful lot of time on shopping, and putting thought in the food you eat. Because you know ain’t nobody got time for that.
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I have heard of a very powerful tool named internet. Maybe you can find there a book with their faces if you look closely :wink:

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Thread needs to be renamed “Stalking the Devs”… :stuck_out_tongue:


It pretty easy to find pics, but I think we shouldn’t go out and find them and spread them to respect their privacy, but it would actually be “fun” if they released them by themselves, so we could associate them with something.

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Exactly :grinning:

not really relevant but made me think of it

@Fredrik Do u work in Capgemini??

Taking this from Bigbigcheese:

Season 1, stalking the devs:

Ep. 1: Pics of the devs-produced by bollockmaster

Ep 2. Find the devs-produced by HeartAviation

Ep 3. Where do the devs work?- produced by NastyGamer

Wonder what episode 4 will be? :laughing:

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Ep 4. What do they do at night… (in the voice of Jambers for the dutch/belgian viewers)


I may have some proof that he works/ worked in Capgemini… :sweat: :grin: :stuck_out_tongue: But wanted to confirm.

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What blood type are the devs

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A-(CEO) obviously


Who is Jambers? xD

He had a notorious tv program where he portrayed people with double lives.

“By day he is a carpenter, but by night he plays with his dolls”. With a low, raspy voice

You shoulda been there

Yes I do. I guess you found my Linkedin?

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Yes. :stuck_out_tongue: But u don’t have a pic there…smarty