People won’t leave

Hi Guys, I’ve built a big airport but it would seem that a lots of my passengers won’t leave only some of my gates. I have only one secured area and other gates are clearing. I have tried the debug send all passengers home but no luck.

Any advice?

Show us your airport, especially with enabled areas.

First one shows zones and second shows the gate which are stuck

The other side is a mirror but it works

Hmm, this is strange. Can you file a bug report and send in the save?

Will do when I’m back form work tomorrow

Is it me or does there seem to be no zoning here?
Because if thats the case, they can’t cross that section

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No it is zoned secure as passengers boarded the aircraft at those gates without any issue

Does your consol give an error on the passengers in question?

The little red bubble above the passengers are just saying that they cannot find an exit.


Please take a screenshot on your pc and upload for better quality photos as i cant see the secure zones either. Please also make sure the zones are clear to view.

Please also take a picture of your secure exit in the arrivals area. Their must be a secure exit which i think i see in the bottom left, but need better pics.

Yeah no problem, will do just want to know if it was a quick fix but will upload better images lasted tonight.

Depends on if we can find a quick solution from the pics :stuck_out_tongue: