PAX Direction help

I have a large airport where I have the bus and subway entrances under the three terminals that I have.
The PAX come into the lower level from whereever they come from and kinda just stand around. (Note that they dont have the red exclamation point over them)

My question is - Is there anything in the game that helps the passengers get to where they need to go? Like where their checkin desk is, or which way to go in an area with a couple fo hallways that go in differnent directions.

Are the info desks and television flight monitors helpful to the passengers who are looking for directions or are they more of an eye candy item?


Sounds to me like you don’t have enough activities to do before check-in, most specifically seating nearby check-in desks. Is this the case? Bathrooms, shops and such are also of interest for those who wait.

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For me, they immediately sit down, so that’s probably the issue

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Thanks for the reply’s everyone; Turns out that seating and shops in the lower ‘tunnel’ are taking up their time.

Again- Thanks

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