Passport check and transcontinental flights [solved]

My French airport has 6 medium stands + 1 large stand.

At the beginning, only the large aircraft could get transcontinental flights.

Now, my medium aircraft get flights to Africa, United States or West Russia.

I didn’t build any passport check or international zone for my medium stands but these flights work nonetheless.

So I’m confused about

  1. what’s “international” flight and what isn’t
  2. what I should do to mimetic a real airport as realistic as possible?

The game provides two settings. In the default settings, only large stands require passport control. The destination doesn’t matter at all.

There is a gameplay settings “realistic international stands” which allows to set every stand type to domestic or international. Then the destination is relevant. Be carefull about the country you select to play. Not every country will then have enough domestic or international flights. (France is no issue)

There is also an option for Shengen if you want that all Shengen countries are handled as domestic without passport control.

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Like I wrote here (Problems playing the game? Players ask - players answer - #43 by foxxygaucho), I’ve got the same problem, even with small(!) airplanes. No chance, to get these flight offers out of the list (only If I terminate the airline contract :angry:)
This issue I’ve got also since ~1 week, the time before I’ve got no problems with it. I believe, it’s a bug came in with the last small update.

Flights with a destination outside Schengen area are international.

Declare also some medium stands as international. That’s realistic. If you builded a french airport, you have e.g. in CDG medium sized airplanes to Turkey, North Africa, Serbia, Croatia, …

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