Passengers waiting at the wrong waiting area

My passengers are going through the wrong security area then waits there. They won’t move even if the flight is already boarding. The blue checks are the work around I made but they completely ignore it.

The problem is that the stand is connected to that security checkpoint. We should be able to disconnect that so we can manually choose which security checkpoints are connected to each stand so they don’t go through wrong areas.

I even have this stand on a different terminal thats connected to the security checkpoint of a different terminal.


There is a problem with that setup. Passengers in ACEO aren’t as intelligent as real people.

A passenger in ACEO knows “my flight is going from Security Zone 1 and International Zone 1”, so they get split across any security and passport checkpoint available which leads into the correct zones. They do not precheck if “security check 15” has a connection to “passport check 21”

That means, from “security zone 1” every passport check leading to “international zone 1” must be reachable.


Are those different terminals using the same secure zone?

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I solved it by connecting the 2 terminals(2 domestic and 1 international) with underground tunnels.

I don’t want to show connecting tunnels on the ground since I’m trying to replicate a real airport(RPLL).

It couldve been an easy fix if we can connect Aircraft Stands to security checkpoints manually like how we connect boarding gates to stands. So passengers will go to Security > Check In > Boarding > Stand. That way, they know where to go.

Isn’t that a bit too much micro management? :slight_smile:
If you want that passengers use different security entrances for certain stands, you can make different secure zones.

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