Passengers refuse to wait in the baggage hall

Why don’t my passengers sit and wait in the baggage hall for their bags to arrive???!!!
I build adequate seating in there, but they would rather sit in the foyer/non-secure waiting area and take up seating that is meant for departures prior to check-in. Which means some of my departing passengers waiting for check-in desks to open up are having to stand. This (as you can imagine) makes them very angry! To date I don’t think i’ve ever seen a passenger sat on the seating in the baggage hall. Then when the bags start to arrive on the belt everyone moves en-mass from check-in to the baggage hall, which is mental and very unrealistic! Of course in real airports the baggage hall is in the arrivals secure zone and we all just stand there like sheep, staring at a non-moving empty baggage belt until the bags arrive. I’ve tried putting the baggage hall in the secure zone, but they then either occupy seats in the departure lounge or leave the secure zone and sit in the foyer until the bags appear on the belt, at which time they go back through security to retrieve them! Madness! :zombie::zombie: :persevere::persevere:

What version are you on? As of 0.21.11 they should go to the stand’s (via the baggage bay) assigned baggage claim area as their first activity when they leave the secure zone. Some will do other stuff, but those who then wait will grab the nearest seating items.

As I’ve read in steam forum, pax dont use seatings inside baggage claim areas.
So my sofas placed aroung bag-claim areas are well used…
Serving >1k pax a day.
Didn’t test otherwise, yet.

Hi Olof, after I posted this guess what? I logged into the game, it updated and hey presto! Passengers are now doing exactly as you suggest! Wow hows that for superfast bug fixing service! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thanks! In fact while I have you attention, just want to say well done on producing such a great game plus your support and bug fixing activities are amazing and unlike any game developer Ive ever seen! :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile: (if there was a pat on the back emoji I would be using it right now) :slight_smile:

Carlsberg dont develop games, but if they did, they would be just like you guys! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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