Passengers not getting off planes

Hi been playing for a long time and have submitted a bug report. I have had the issue on several airports in the last week and it just kills the game eventually. Only about 10% of passengers get off on the jetway, I can count them. Others just seem stuck. Departing passengers are all ok. This is a domestic area with walls zoned as secure. So I then get loads of bags piling up and eventually get a pax number of 10,000+!
Any ideas?

Try giving some more space between boarding desk and the jetway themselves.

I have actually solved it. So I noticed what pax that did get off went to the bathroom and stayed there, strange. I had 8 elevators going from level 1 to exit and baggage claim on 0. I added an escalator and immeaditly 2000+ pax exited . So the bug is actually with the elevators rather than the jetway etc. So looks like you can not only have elevators as a connection?

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