Passengers not checking baggage

So I’ve got my baggage system set up and unloading works just fine however no passengers are checking baggage. I’ve torn all the belts down and rebuilt, same with scanners and the baggage bay itself an nothing.

I’ve seperately posted in support/bug forum same issue, worked perfectly and now has failed, tried rebuilts. I’ve included a bug report code in mine.

If you report the bug in the game and include your ACEO-XXXX code it might help a quicker investigation :slight_smile:

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I have same issue with auto check in desks and baggage drop. PAX will just stand around and eventually miss their flight. Looks like they are not using the auto check in desks and and therefore not dropping off their bags. If I save and reload game it seems to start working again.

I see your screenshot is still from Alpha. How about an update to Beta first? (or isn’t Beta on the default yet?)

I’m happy to change to Beta assuming it’s not yet on default, I usually stick to default, maybe it’s updated and caused a save game conflict? Will keep you all posted on any progress troubleshooting

Ok, then maybe on Wednesday it comes to default as mentioned in the last patchnotes that Beta 1 is then finished.

/Edit: Beta contains changes with the bag drops, may that will solve your issues

I’m on latest Beta and it is still happening.

I did report in game as well.

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