Passengers not Boarding Aircraft at Remote Gates

Can anyone help me resolve this issue of passengers not boarding my planes at remote gates. Got all the passengers in the gates but no one will board an aircraft.

Only started to happen on the newest update

Do you have several stands connected to the same bus stop? Looks like one bus is waiting at the bus stop and another one waiting for the stop to become available.
If the second bus is the one for Gate B03, of couse boarding can’t start. You might have to check what the first bus is waiting for (which stand it should go and how the turnaround status is there).

I can see 6 bus stops on the picture, but probably a bit more remote stands. At the moment I would say 1 or 2 stands per bus stop is max, otherwise busses will get stuck on waiting for each other for PAX to be picked up or dropped off. What is your current stand to bus stop ratio?

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2 Stands to 1 Bus Stop

2 Stands to 1 Bus Stop

That should not be the problem, for test purposes you could try and bring it back to 1 on 1 and see what happens.

Reading your question again, it sounds like your passengers all arrive at your airport, go through check-in and security and also board your busses, but when they arrive at your stand they do not enter the planes, is that correct? Or do they not enter the bus? Did you check the error messages for hints on why PAX do not board? Could be for example, should not be the case but just checking, that your staircase trucks are all gone, occupied or do not respond and are not on the stand. Can you please show a daytime screenshot of the situation you encounter at the stands or terminal?

Will do once my game is fixed, cant even load saved airports now

Hmmm, ok… When did that start? Do you use mods? Could you try to disable them and just run the vanilla game?

Just started earlier today. Got no mods enabled and running the vanilla game. Think something may have corrupted.

Video of what happens when it tries to load an airport. Game just closes when it gets to a certain point

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