Passengers land and exit ok but no one comes into airport

Hi guys,

i have a weird issue with no one coming into my airport, flights are scheduled, staff is inside, bagge is working ok people / planes are landing and exiting ok but no one comes in to take a flight.

i have gone over and over the setup of zones etc and its obvious i must have done something wrong but damn if i can find it.

any help would be appreciated.

Alrighty buddy, it seems as though your information booths at the bottom Are using up all your airport staff, either demolish some or hire more airport staff



If you never knew, your check in desks & boarding desks require airport staff.
Your exites are working fine because they don’t require airport staff to work


Thanks Josh, seems logical however i have about 20 Airport Staff, deleting 2 Info desks did help though, as when i did this they started to fill some of the check in desks, but still no passengers are coming into the terminal.

I am really out of ideas now. another screen shot shows the staff manning some desks, i notice the baggage bay has red icon error showing, but baggage seems to be working ok, wonder why ?

It looks like you have built “tarmac” close to the bus stops. Try change to sidewalk.


Yes my friend that was the reason, thank you for correcting this.

It might be worth noting here however that “Tarmac” does not exist in my version of the game i used concrete tile, i am assuming however it means the same as the old “Tarmac?” pre patch version…i dont have the option for Tarmac anymore.

thanks again.

Yes, true from now on concrete tile :slight_smile:

indeed, although both options wouldnt be a bad thing, the Tarmac does look a lot nicer! :slight_smile:

FYI info desks i think are bugged. They collect airport staff. Hiring more will probably result in a bigger pile there. Must be a popular job.

yeah its weird hey, i noticed similar behaviour

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