Passengers getting stuck (upon arrival)


I’ve been having issues where when my passengers arrive, they all walk into the bathroom. Once they’re done. They’re literally stuck and will not make their way anywhere. Even after I demolished the bathroom they are still stuck there.

In addition, when my flight arrives (via jet bridge) I see the money sign (showing passenger arriving) but they never walk out of the jet bridge and into the terminal! I’ve reported a few bugs, but the latest is: ACEO-24213.

Thank you!

Wow, that is quite something. I have not run into bugs in this magnitude, but to solve your bathroom problem it may be because of the zoning. Can I please see a screen shot with the zoning enabled and zoomed out a bit. For the gate problem I am quite stumped. Unless there is something not allowing them to exit the jet bridge, and you have correct zones and secure exit points that is probably a bug.

May I ask you which game update you are playing on, and if you are experimental branch or default. Thanks, and hope this problem gets resolved. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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