Passengers entering staff area (Alpha 35.5-1)

Hi, just wondering if this is a known issue or if you want me to file a bug report. I´ve created a staff security control and exit next to each other. The Security control is set to “staff only”, while the exit is clearly positioned in a staff area. But the passengers are using it, even by walking through walls, as you can see in the screenshot. (Note: I´ve kind of “solved” it by removing the chairs and by marking the first row above the wall of the staff exit as staff area as well (so the lower half of my walkalator is now “staff only” area…).

I also have this issue, and had to put certain areas as staff only.

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Please bug report this and let me know the number! :slight_smile:


Hi Olof, just tried to report it, but I can´t find any upload possibilty for screenshots and requested zipfiles? The only import button gives me an error message that I don´t have access to Jira. (Which I don´t need as I just want to upload files from my own device, of course.) See screenshot below. Please advise!


Bugs have to be reported in-game. Open your savegame there. When pressing Escape to open the game menu, at the top you will find a bug report button.
The savegame will be automatically attached to the report.

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Thank you no-fun. Found it. I didn´t know that this has changed and in the forum they still advise to fill in the form.

Hi Olof, the issue number is ACEO-28688. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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