Passengers don`t leave when out of security area

Hey guys,

one Question: i have an issue with passengers remaining just outside the security area. They are supposed to leave via the escalators and stairs just next to them. Do you have any ideas?

Regards Peter

Can we see a picture Floor 0?

Sure, These are the stairs the passengers are supposed zu use, unfortunately the dont.

It’s very difficult to tell from this picture and this is also why this has one of the highest priorities on Alpha 36 as we’re working on changes and tooling to help mitigate this problem.


Same thing happened with me all I did was just saved the game and reloaded it and suddenly all passengers started moving to baggage claim and exits maybe it will work for you

This is an issue with nearly everything when it’s newly placed. I’ve found that when I’ve placed subway entrances, security exits, self-boarding gates, escalators, stairs or jetway upgrades to previously walk-on stands, that the first PAX to use them just get stuck exiting them until you do a save and reload…

Jap reloading pretty much saved the day. Thanks for your support. Sometimes the easiest way is the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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