Passengers and staff are deadlocked

Its just me again. Today in my airport I have a number of passengers and staff just stuck in place - I assume this is deadlock?

I’ve tried saving and reloading. Doesn’t fix it.

I’ve tried F10 and then unoccupy all person nodes. Doesn’t fix it.

I’ve tried F10 and send all passengers home. Doesn’t fix it.

Can anyone help? Over half my staff is stuck along with these passengers so no new flights can land.

Thank you as always for your advice and guidance. I was really enjoying the game today until this ground everything to a halt!

Are you on default branch or experimental?

Happens to me every now and then (less often now than before). No debug tool solves it. Just save and reload multiple times. On each reaload I’m able to free about 1000 pax. You may consider closing the airport before doing it, so you avoid new pax getting stuck.

I am on the default branch as far as I know. I have no idea how to find the experimental one! :rofl:

Then I suggest you to create a bug report via in game bug report system :wink:

Thank you. I have filed the bug report. I haven’t done this before. Does someone look this over and help return my saved game to a playable one? I can’t play it as it is as after every couple of reloads it totally deadlocks again. And I haven’t been able to un-deadlock the staff. Only the passengers. Staff won’t fill open job tasks, etc. Super frustrating!

Once the devs fix the issue, they release an hotfix/update for the game. You have to update to that version to fix the bug. Savefiles won’t be fixed and returned as it is only a means for the devs to find out what is wrong in the game.

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